The Big Sur Photo Workshop • California, USA September 2022 By Barefoot Contessa Photo Adventures


$1,880 USD

Group Size

8 Persons

The area in and around the Big Sur was frequented by John Steinbeck and heavily featured in many of his books. It is stunning country, from the raging Pacific to steep cliffs to lovely state parks, tidal pools and sea critters galore.

Fog can roll in, making for some stunning images and adding an eerie quality to the sounds in and around the ocean, including the barks of Sea Lions. You may even see Sea Otters who have wrapped themselves up in kelp to keep themselves and their pups from drifting out to sea. Sometimes you can hear them chipping away at an Abalone or other shelled delicacy with a rock, using their tummies as their work tables.

There is the famous Seventeen Mile Drive that we will certainly peruse, as well as state parks worth exploring.

It is no wonder that this area has drawn artists for decades, and we will show you some of our favorite locations where you can seek your own vision and create great pictures while celebrating your passion for photography with fellow enthusiasts.

So, join us and and note that we are offering a twofer discount to those who continue on with us to the Strangeness of the Salton Sea.

We are committed to keeping our participants as safe as possible during this pandemic and beyond. To that end, we:
• Select our accommodations based on their adherence to CDC guidelines
• Maintain our own COVID-19 protocols
• Monitor other applicable mandates

For our workshops, everyone must be fully vaccinated and boosted according to CDC guidelines with a certificate of same and be prepared to be masked.

Price: $1880 with possible discounts


25 Sep 2022


5 Days

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