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Pakistan Photography Tour 2019

Join Stephen Dupont and Jack Picone, two of the globes most revered conflict photojournalists into the Northwest Frontier, Marco Polo and the Old Silk Road, Hunza Valley, Kashgar, the Hindu Kush, Karakorum mountains, Himalayas and the high Pamirs... evocative names that appear in many people’s bucket lists. These destinations and other quite unique experiences are to be encountered on this spectacular photo tour.

The tour is timed so we can attend the fascinating, intense and passionate Shandur Polo Festival held for a few days every summer on a high pass usually closed by snow.

We will also live with the reclusive Kafir Kalash people said to have descended from Greek soldiers of the army of Alexander the Great. This fascinating ethnic group is still practising pagan rites and millennia old traditions that are colourful, vibrant and a gift for the photographer.

Even the world-weary and experienced traveller will be inspired by remote and spectacular mountain scenery, the scale of which is almost incomprehensible. The region is sparsely populated but of incredible cultural interest. Legacies of the Old Silk Road, remoteness, intense environmental conditions and hardships have forged communities of harmony, hospitality, loyalty, endurance and reverence for tradition.

The dramatic natural settings of mountains, lakes, deep valleys, alpine meadows, sheer chasms, towering pinnacles, precipitous villages and snow-fed rivers are immediately accessible without needing to trek for days. This is a generous region for any photographer.

We are aware of concern and preconceptions you may have about travelling in these parts. For quite some time this area in the very north of Pakistan has posed little or no danger to travellers. Our priority is always the safety and wellbeing of our clients, we continually monitor the local situation and use the most reputable operators in the region.

You will be travellers, not just tourists. Every day will present moments of spectacle and the photographic rewards will be a bonus as your minds and hearts will already have been treated to a wonderful range of new experiences.

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