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New Zealand Autumn Photo Tour 2019

What do The Lord of the Rings, The Chronicles of Narnia and Avatar all have in common? They all showcase the immensely photogenic natural landscape of New Zealand. Due to its isolation, New Zealand offers some of the best landscape photography locations in the world, including active volcanoes, giant glaciers, wind-sculpted waterfalls, and a 90-mile beach. Its snow-capped mountains rival the Swiss Alps and its impressive fjords challenge those of Norway.

Before it was a hotspot for big-screen blockbusters, the first Maoris to land on shore called it ‘Aotearoa’, meaning ‘the long white cloud’. Today, this country is one of the most generous locations for a landscape photography tour. Changeable weather constantly creates original scenery for your shoot, with the ease of traveling between the east and west coast in just a few hours.

We have scoured the volcanic South Island to bring you a photographic adventure that will visit the best landscape photography locations in New Zealand.

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