Oregon Coast Photo Workshop Oct 2020

Oregon’s 363 miles of coastline include desolate beaches, soaring sand dunes, towering limestone sea stacks and busy harbors rife with fishing history. While tourism dominates the region in the summertime, by autumn the coast is returned to the locals and the crashing waves.

Join Muench Workshops pros Greg Vaughn and Tom Kirkendall as we capture the drama of the changing season along the southern Oregon coast! On this photo workshop you will learn how to capture the movement of water in various settings, how to use neutral density filters to create dreamy long exposure images and how to look for compelling compositions among coastal sand dunes. We will spend time exploring beaches strewn with driftwood and eroded rocks crossed by streams. Be sure to pack your rubber boots because you'll be getting very well acquainted with the shoreline! If the weather permits we'll also rise early for sunrise and stay out late for night skies. As always, we’ve reserved plenty of time for our signature image reviews and post-processing instruction in Adobe Lightroom.

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