East Greenland Sailing Photo Expedition Aug 2020

Join Muench Workshops in East Greenland! Greenland is the world’s largest island, covered by the second largest (after Antarctica) body of ice in the world. While it contains only one national park, that park is the world’s largest, spanning over 375,000 sq mi of the interior and northeastern coast. The human population, predominantly Inuit, is spread loosely along the coast in small villages. Due to the influence of the mild Greenland Current, wildlife thrives there, at sea and ashore – fish, marine invertebrates, seabirds and other migratory birds are plentiful; polar bear, reindeer, arctic fox, arctic hare, musk ox, collared lemming, ermine and arctic wolf can all be spotted. Several species of whales and seals are regular or seasonal visitors.

Greenland’s landscape is rugged and striking. While most of the island is obscured by a massive ice sheet, the ice-free eastern coast is folded into a series of steep fjords and isolated bays. Due to its vastness and relative inaccessibility, the best and most comfortable way to see East Greenland’s shoreline is via expedition ship. To this end we have chartered the Dutch-built ketch-rigged oceangoing sailing yacht, S/V Arktika, for our East Greenland Sailing Expedition workshop. Comfortable and spacious, Artika is built and equipped to easily handle navigation in ice and her large saloon, galley and guest cabins will provide a perfect mobile base for our explorations. The hospitality aboard Arktika is renowned – expect plenty of gourmet meals and a friendly and engaging crew.

On this seven day journey we will travel to the enormous Sermilik icefjord, explore narrow fjords, visit small villages such as Tiniteqilaq, Kummiut and Sermiligaaq, and cruise the coastline in search of wildlife. By night we will drop anchor in remote bays and look for the northern lights. You will get plenty of instruction on how best to capture an array of subjects and, of course, we will also make time for some one-on-one instruction and group image reviews.

Ready for an Arctic adventure like no other?

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