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Ultimate Alaska Glacier Photo Adventure

Join a small group of like-minded adventurous shooters as we explore the very best of Southcentral Alaska’s epic landscapes that include mountains, glaciers, fjords, wildflowers, forests, lakes, rivers and wildlife. Our light and mobile group will travel by trail, railroad, touring kayak, private tour boat, helicopter and a roomy passenger van as we explore unique and off the beaten path landscapes and opportunistic wildlife. This adventure is designed to stimulate creativity with maximum engagement in target rich locations with lots of personal instruction and guidance.

Alaska Glacier Landscapes Photo Adventure

Photographer taking pictures of icebergs on Spencer Lake

WHEN: July 27 - August 2, 2019

WHERE: Starts and ends in Anchorage, AK

FEE: $5,985 USD (deposit $1,500)

GROUP LIMIT: 5 Maximum

FORMAT: 8-Day/7 Night

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Active Intermediate and Advanced photographers


Small group, stimulating and relaxed environment with lots of personal photo guidance.
Led by one of Alaska’s most experienced commercial photographers and workshop leaders.
Active and participatory itinerary designed to maximize time on location at off the beaten path locations.
7-nights of excellent accommodations in smaller, quainter lodges, inns or B&B’s.
Roomy passenger van transportation during tour to and from Anchorage
Unique and majestic coastal mountain landscapes - different from any other Continental US mountain location.
Travel off highway via Alaska Railroad to remote Spencer Glacier in peak wildflower season.
Guided and outfitted glacier hike at Spencer Glacier.
Guided and outfitted kayak tour on lake with icebergs.
Outfitted overnight camp in remote glacier and lake via helicopter fly in and out.
2 private boat charters to marine waters with tidewater glaciers, big mountains and wildlife.


An experiential and instructional based photo tour for active and adventurous intermediate and advanced photographers. Join a small group of dedicated, like-minded photographers who value the active, light and mobile style of photography in a welcoming and invigorating environment designed to maximize engagement with the landscape. What makes coastal Alaska different from other mountain landscape locations is the abundance of water and reflections, steep, lush alpine peaks that rise from sea level, and a marine environment - not to mention glaciers.

Special emphasis will be on capturing imagery of our shrinking glaciers from a variety of perspectives, including panoramic views to touching icebergs to walking on a glacier and discovering glacier features. This tour includes landscape and marine wildlife opportunities in Southcentral Alaska, Prince William Sound, and the Kenai Peninsula. We will capitalize on mountains, lakes, rivers, reflections, fjords, glaciers, rainforests, waterfalls, tundra, and wildflowers - all within reach of modern amenities. We chose late July to coincide with peak fireweed and other wildflower blooms. The tour will consist of three flex days working the best of roadside available landscapes that include hiking to cool locations from road accessible trailheads. Four days, including an overnight wilderness camp, will be spent at off the highway locations, including two full-day boat tours and two full-day active tours that involve hiking and paddling in protected glacier lakes often choked with icebergs and hemmed in with stunning mountain scenery in verdant green landscapes.

Travel will be by van, private chartered boat, railroad, helicopter, stable touring kayaks and by boots-on-the-trail to seek out off the roadside locations for more unique and meaningful landscapes apart from what is available from the roadside. With small groups, we move faster spending more time on location. Our large passenger van will allow comfortable transport with ample room to spread out camera gear.

With a small group, participants get more one on one and private mentoring time too. Critiques will be more informal, more relaxed, with more time for meaningful and constructive advice and post processing sessions. We stay in quainter, quieter and more relaxed accommodations that are independently owned and we travel on smaller boats with our group only with a more flexible schedule to maximize photo time. Restaurant seating will be quicker and easier for group meals.

Included in this photo adventure:

• Comfortable, highly rated, nightly accommodations
• Group transportation from Anchorage, AK
• Small group, stimulating and relaxed environment with lots of personal photo guidance.
• Active and participatory itinerary designed to maximize time on location at off the beaten path locations.
• Constructive critique sessions with post processing instruction and guidance

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