Land of Diversity • Southern India Photo Tour

Join international adventure travel guide and photographer Jock Montgomery and graphic artist Annie Miniscloux on a photographic tour of Southern India, a smorgasbord of ornate festivals, delicious food, classical arts, exotic architecture and unique religious practices.

The cultural diversity began two millennia ago when Roman traders exchanged large quantities of gold and silver in exchange for spices. Later, Buddhists carved stunning rock shrines to honor the visitation of Gautama Buddha. Hindus built colorful and ornate temples. Arab traders brought Islam and Middle-Eastern architecture. Christians founded the Indian Orthodox Church. During the age of colonialism, the Portuguese established the first European colony, followed by the Dutch, British and French.

As modern adventurers and photographers we have the opportunity to immerse ourselves in this diversity. We have carefully planned this trip to coincide with Theyyam, one of India’s most unique festivals.

• Receive personal guidance from adventure travel photographer Jock Montgomery and graphic designer Annie Miniscloux
• Witness the Theyyam Festival and the exuberant dances of hundreds of deities
• Visit the Kalamdalam dance school, a renowned and important cultural icon
• Experience the grandeur and pageantry of the Palakkad elephant festival
• Explore the life-filled backwaters of Kerala aboard a luxury houseboat
• Visit the ancient monuments of Mahabalipuram, a UNESCO World Heritage site
• Photograph the traditional Chinese Fishing Nets of Cochin
• Visit the colorful mansions of Chettinad
• Explore the Rangarajan market and the Maharaja’s Palace in Mysore
• Stay at best available 3-5 star luxury hotels

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