Marble and Coalmine Canyon Photo Workshop Sep 2020

Arizona has some of the best canyon-country in the United States. While the Grand Canyon is the most recognized, there are some lesser but equally spectacular canyons that are waiting for you to discover. Marble Canyon, located between the Grand Canyon and Lake Powell, offers remote rim locations with miles of unobstructed views of the Colorado River running through the red wall gorge below. A 3000′ rim view of four massive bends in the Colorado River will fill your frame and create postcard-perfect images.

Then, it is on to Coalmine Canyon, situated on the Hopi and Navajo borders where beautifully striated colorful canyon walls and hoodoos provide sweeping landscape views. We will make photo stops at seldom visited locations which will have you coming away with rare images of one of the most enchanting canyons in the entire southwest.

Join Shane McDermott on this canyon adventure and take your creative photography to the next level.

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