Chaco Canyon and Ah Shi Sle Pah Photo Workshop Oct 2020

The expansive stretches of badlands in northwestern New Mexico is often dismissed as 'no man’s land' when in quite the contrary it has a rich history of ancient Puebloan civilizations dating between 850 and 1250 A.D. During this time, Chaco Canyon served as a major hub for politics, ceremony and trade for thousands of people. The distinctive architecture of the 'Great Houses', small villages and ancient structures that dot the landscape highlight the engineering and organizational feats of this ancient culture.

Travel photographer and writer Kerrick James has spent time documenting the Puebloan path in the Four Corners Region. During this camping-based workshop, Kerrick will guide photographers through this intriguing landscape to capture North America’s largest excavated prehistoric ruins including kivas, rock art and stunning vistas.

When not exploring Chaco Canyon we will head north into the Ah Shi Sle Pah wilderness and fill our memory cards with sandstone hoodoos, petrified wood and sweeping views of multicolored badlands.

Designated as a 'dark sky' location, we will have plenty of opportunities to practice star trails before tucking into our sleeping bags and tents. Speaking of camping, you do not need to bring anything except your camera gear and clothes, as our outfitter will be providing a complete camp set up for everyone.

The workshop includes instruction, pre-workshop webinar, transportation from Phoenix, all camping gear, meals, permits and entrance fees.

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