Mongolia Eagle Hunters and Gobi Desert Photo Adventure Feb 2020

In the remote areas of the Altai Mountains in Western Mongolia lies a culture that was first written about in the 9th century. History shows that the Kazakh people here have been carrying on a tradition of hunting with golden eagles. A tradition that was a way of life of the nomadic Khitans from Manchuria in northern China since 940AD.

In February of 2020 you will travel to a remote location to see a culture that most people do not even know exists. Now, you can travel there with Kevin, an experienced guide and Pro Photographer who has been travelling to this area for the last six years to visit this small community of eagle hunters that he refers to as his friends. Kevin has so much experience in Mongolia with the nomadic people that he is the only International pro photographer that has been acknowledged by the Mongolian Government with a citation. In 2018 he was honored by the Mongolian Government for his commitment to embracing the different cultures, increasing awareness and helping to grow tourism in Mongolia through his images and articles on the people and the culture.

Join Kevin to photograph Mongolia’s vast, breathtaking landscapes, live in the Ger tents of the nomad as they have for over thousands of years, and hear the cry of a soaring golden eagle during our private eagle hunter sessions as they perform the ancient art of eagle falconry in a truly remote area of the globe.

Our trip will take place during the height of hunting season that the eagle hunters prepare for every year. The winter season is a time when you will be presented with some of the most visually stimulating images you will ever take, get to know some of the most welcoming and honorable people you will ever meet, and become immersed in an ancient culture. The experience rivals something you would see in documentaries and read about in magazines.

Yes, you need a good level of fitness, but this experience doesn't require you to be a marathoner or weightlifter. It is more about your ability to handle cold weather and sometimes harsh conditions and, of course, we will get you prepared with the right clothing and gear. If you are tenacious, able to handle long days, can sleep on a bed in a yurt, use an outside bathroom, have a great mental attitude and want a unique cultural photography experience, this workshop is for you.

You will be rewarded with photos that very few have in their portfolio and an experience that even fewer have undertaken. Our group is exclusive and small. Are you ready?

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