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Kamchatka Photo Expedition

Kamchatka is a bucket-list dream for many photographers – a magical corner of a far away country. The earth is hot with the breath of dormant volcanoes and hot springs spouting from under foot. We invite you to visit this amazing region at the end of summer, when nature spreads a lavish carpet of gold and crimson and the rapid rivers are filled with salmon going upstream to spawn.

This workshop is designed for us to see and photograph the two most impressive features of Kamchatka: the active volcano Mutnovsky with its ice caves and geothermal features and the world-famous Kuril Lake. Here, dozens of bears are beginning to gorge on salmon, putting on weight for the winter. You will never forget this trip, with twelve days of the most unreal, fantastic adventure that you could experience.

The trip is an expedition, which means that most of the time we are going to travel by off-road vehicles and stay in a field camp. This will allow us to be close to the areas we want to photograph and experience the severity and beauty of the landscape and wildlife of Kamchatka. At the beginning, in the middle and at the end of the itinerary there will be stops in the hotel, in the centre of Petropavlovsk Kamchatsky. Throughout the whole journey we are going to move on six-wheel all-terrain vehicles, either Kamaz or Zil.

This workshop will suit the active and adventurous traveler. We will climb several volcanoes during the trip, although all the hikes are easy to moderately strenuous, with no special climbing gear involved. The tour involves a mix of hotel stays, camping, off-road driving and trekking, with an average elevation of 1,200m above sea level.

This workshop is not for everyone! You must have an absolute love for not just photographing the outdoors, but being in it, hiking in it and, yes, sleeping in it! Kamchatka has no real road system, so we will travel in a 6-wheel drive truck called a Kamaz. Roads can be very bumpy and two of our rides are 10–12 hours long, with another two that are half of that. In between we will travel by giant helicopter. Hiking? There is plenty of it, with hikes on two of our days of 10 and 12 km. Most other hikes are short, 1-2 km. But you must be able to handle uneven ground and remote, sometimes rough, conditions and you will need to be able to carry your photo gear on these hikes. Anyone in moderate physical shape with the right mental attitude about this workshop will have a great time! We have a mix of camping in tents and lodgings in hotels. We will travel with our own private chef, photo guide, translator and at times, armed ranger.

Are you ready to join us?

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