Lake Tahoe Photo Workshop Oct 2020

Lake Tahoe in the autumn provides an incredible array of photographic opportunities. The aspen trees in the area turn hues of orange and yellow and the skies often glow at sunrise and sunset with the changing weather. Intriguing granite boulder gardens emerge from Lake Tahoe as the water level drops, creating opportunities for unique photographic compositions. Elizabeth Carmel and Jerry Dodrill have spent decades exploring the diverse and wonderful photographic locations offered by the Tahoe region and they look forward to sharing their expertise and special photo locations during this workshop.

Elizabeth and Jerry will lead the group on field sessions during the prime, luscious hours of day—predawn through early morning and late afternoon until no-more-color-in-the-sky evenings (and even the potential for night photography of the Milky Way, conditions permitting), with an emphasis on generous and thoughtful hands-on instruction, helping participants to refine their vision and improve their landscape composition and technique. Between field sessions, Elizabeth and Jerry will make instructive presentations on light, composition and workflow, and at least two in-depth constructive critiques will be held to review and comment on participants’ images created during the workshop (and existing work if so desired).

This well-rounded workshop is appropriate for any level of enthusiastic outdoor photographer.

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