Portrait Photography, Meditation And Qi Gong • Tuscany April 2023 By Photography Retreats


€1,090 EUR

Group Size

12 Persons

The Portrait Photography Retreat at the Fattoria di Camporomano in Tuscany, Italy is an immersive experience of self-discovery and personal growth, designed to bring deeper awareness to the way we photograph.

It is a fun, nourishing and creative journey crafted to support participants to cultivate new skills, find inspiration and improve interpersonal abilities.

The teachings focus on refining the photographer’s sensitivity, helping them break free from the habitual way of looking at the world and easily move through the various steps in image production. It is an intense and playful retreat that uses photography as a tool to inquire into reality and ourselves.

The retreats are really laid back, an opportunity to set aside competitiveness and enjoy the company of like-minded creative people. There is nothing to prove, no results to achieve, no one to impress, just a playground brimming with inspiration to cultivate new skills and explore photography as a tool that supports us in an intensely nourishing creative journey.

To find out more, read the reviews and check out the beautiful historical residence, please visit our website.


26 Apr 2023


5 Days

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