Alaska Northern Lights and Fall Colors Photo Tour Aug 2020

Fall comes early to the Alaska tundra and so do the northern lights! The Aurora Borealis defines the very essence of a far north photo experience with multi colored lights dancing across the sub arctic sky. Interior Alaska with its accessibility and infrastructure along with the rugged peaks of the Alaska Range and numerous ponds is one of the best places to capture the aurora and fall colors.

Jump start your fall color photography season on this unique and intimate photo tour created and led by one of Alaska’s most experienced travel and adventure photography teams. Our tour is optimized to capture a narrow window where the nights are long enough for aurora displays and the air is warm enough to allow for aurora and mountain reflections on small bodies of open water. When the auroras are not dancing across the night sky we will focus our cameras on a pure visual delight of reds, oranges and golds that make up the fall tundra. If we are fortunate, dustings of snow will add visual interest to the already stunning landscapes of Denali country.

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