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Great Wall of China to Guilin Photo Tour

This is the MEGA trip with TOP landscapes of China all rolled into one! Join us for seven days of rare sunrise and sunset photography shoots at remote parts of the Great Wall, followed by breakfast on the Great Wall itself. You will get to explore different sections of the restored, as well as the wild parts of the Great Wall during the golden hours. These sites are hardly visited by tourists, you can have miles and miles of the Great Wall to yourself.

As night falls, there is an optional trip to explore and walk along the lit-up area of the Great Wall and the dreamy Watertown nearby. The Watertown is made up of canals, rivers, willow trees with quaint, ancient shops lit up by thousands of lanterns and night lights, making this an exotic destination.

In Guilin we will be chasing after fog and light at various mountain top view points to photograph the layers of misty Karst Mountains which Guilin is famous for.

During the free-and-easy time, there is the option to head over to the gigantic, impressive library near Beijing. This site is great for photographers that are into urban/architecture photography. Alternatively, you can explore the mysterious Forbidden City nearby the hotel.

For further details on this photography trip to Guilin and the Great Wall check out the gallery and itinerary on the website.

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