Guilin, Xiapu and Great Wall in China Photo Tour May 2021

If you are after exotic and epic landscapes, this is the tour for you. This tour will start from the top of the jagged mountains in Guilin to the wild Great Wall. The tour will cover some of the best vantage points for sunrise and sunset that are off the beaten track, far away from maddening crowds. In Guilin, we will be chasing after fog and light at various mountain tops to photograph the layers of jagged mountains swirled in mist and fog.

Although the Great Wall spans over 20000km, there are not many places that one can shoot sunrise or sunset as their access are confined to daylight hours only. On this tour we will take you to rare, accessible areas at 4am for first light. Witnessing and shooting the sunrise on top of the wall is truly a surreal experience.

For fine art and cultural photography, Xiapu mudflats will offer us boundless opportunities. Xiapu ranks as one of the top three photography destinations and holds the largest mudflats in the country. The oncoming and outgoing tide constantly transforms the landscape. From its shifting mudflats, floating fishing villages and tens of thousands bamboo frames spreading vastly across the ocean, the composition is endless. It is also a perfect location for those into black and white minimalism. Many of our guests who have been to this location won international awards with their Xiapu's images. From a photographer's perspective, Xiapu is truly unique.

Check out the photo gallery on the website for further details.

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  1. Hi Kenneth, yes, the travel restrictions are in place for some countries which is why we are making concessions to provide full refunds to any paying participants that are cancelling the tour due to Co-Vid issues. We are projecting that travel restrictions should be lifted by mid next year for many countries. Cheers.

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