Galapagos Photography Odyssey April 2022

So, you are interested in a photographic journey to the Galapagos… what questions do you ask?

When are they going? Is it when the albatross are returning for courtship, mating and nesting? When we will find fuzzy babies all over the place? When the light is great with bold blue skies? Or when the light is flat, courtship is mostly over and it’s less expensive to find space on a boat?

Where are they going? Are they hitting all the landings near the airport, along with the crowds, to save on fuel costs? Or, are they, like us, charting a course to the special rarely visited corners of the archipelago? Will they get you to Galapagos penguins, flightless cormorants, waved albatross, swimming marine iguanas and tortoises? To lush islands and others with newer lava flows.

How committed are they to photography? Are their leaders passionate about the Galapagos and knowledgeable about the photographic challenges we will face on each landing? Are they the first group ashore in the morning, there for the time when birds and wildlife are active, staying to the limit? Are they taking shots or making art? Or do they focus on delivering a regular breakfast first?

Will you be the only group on a small yacht? We are! Or will you be in a group mixed with others on a bigger vessel?

Do they just follow the rules or are they truly committed to the Conservation of the Galapagos Islands?

You will like our answers on these questions! We build photography adventures based on our experiences to put you where we would want to be for photography. Our team has led photographers among the islands of the Galapagos since the 80s! We have the best yacht, the best naturalist, the best route and landings timed for light and animal activity. Most of the people you will meet on our photography adventures have been with us multiple times before!

Join us in April of 2022 for a life-changing, skill-growing, image-rich experience in the Galapagos. Note that our Galapagos adventure routinely fills early. There is rarely a last-minute opportunity.

Our Galapagos Photography Safari begins and ends in Quito, where we photograph the World Heritage Old City day and night – and your flight to and from the Galapagos from Quito is included in the price.

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