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Faroe Islands, Atlantic Moods Photo Tour

Mysterious, remote, unspoiled, rugged and imposing, the Faroe Islands are one of the most magnetic locations in the World for the landscape photographer.

Battered by the elements, towering cliffs rise from the depths of the ocean delineating a group of islands where time seems to have stopped and the feeling of being far away from it all overwhelms the senses of the visitor.

Isolated in the Atlantic Ocean, halfway between Scotland and Iceland, it is no surprise that these islands have been ranked by National Geographic as the most authentic and unspoiled islands in the World.

Dynamic, changeable and dramatic; the light and weather conditions are as impressive as the landscape. Snow, mist, sunny skies and dramatic clouds can happen anytime, anywhere. In November, we may have also the chance of observing and photographing the Northern Lights dancing over the fjords.

This will be a Photo Immersion trip conducted personally by the artist Master Hasselblad Rafael Rojas.

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