Uganda Gorilla and Chimp Photo Safari September 2023

This workshop / safari run by Untamed Photography’s award-winning wildlife photographers will take you on an inspirational and once in a lifetime 10 day photographic journey through the heart of Uganda. There you will make a memorable journey to photograph the great Chimpanzees of the forest and the exceedingly rare Mountain Gorillas that feed in the Ugandan mountains. Uganda in Focus is located in the vast forests of Kibale, Bwindi and Queen Elizabeth National Park.

We will take an adventurous trek down the rainforest spotting many species of wildlife on the way. With the photographers and primate guides, you will get the chance to get close to the rare and gentle chimps and gorillas at each location. This will allow you to get more than creative with your camera.

During this unique trip we will take you into the Queen Elizabeth National Park where we will focus on getting great images of the famous Big Five and the many other species of wildlife on and off land to satisfy your photographic needs.

The accommodation provided at all three locations of this tour gives you a more than comfortable stay but in a rather adventurous environment. This will give you a true feeling of what Uganda has to offer. With our local and more than friendly Ugandan staff we will ensure your stay with us to be unique and fulfilling.

Untamed Photography provides English speaking wildlife photographers and local staff at all accommodation during our unique photographic safaris.

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