Bengal Tiger Photo Safari February 2022

This 7-day Bengal Tiger photo safari / workshop, located in Bandhavgarh National Park in India, takes you into the wild in luxury. There you will be guided by our professional guides to find the Wild Bengal Tiger and helped by our award-winning wildlife photographers to gain those memorable wildlife photographs that you crave for. From the Bengal Tiger and the Indian Leopard, all the way to the many species of deer and forest birds, you will have the opportunity to photograph and create a showcase of professional images and gain those memorable experiences of an Indian Wild Tiger Safari.

Located right outside of Bandhavgarh National Park, our five-star lodge awaits your arrival where you will be accompanied with beverages and a very warm welcome. From there the photographic group can meet and get to know each other in this luxurious lodge accompanied with fantastic dinners from our Michelin chefs.

Each day will consist of two safari drives (one in the morning and one in the afternoon) accompanied with optional buffer national park photographic walks.

Each morning drive will start with a 05:00 wake up call, followed with morning beverages and snacks with your photography guides and trackers. Shortly after we will venture into the forest of Bandhavgarh National Park where the wildlife awaits. You will get the chance to photograph the stunning wildlife such as the Bengal Tiger among many other animals like the Indian Leopard, the Sloth Bear, Spotted Deer and many others. Our professional wildlife photographers are at hand to help you gain those photographs of a lifetime. During each drive the group will stop at a safe but picturesque location where your guide will prepare a coffee and tea break accompanied with a small picnic.

After each morning drive you will return to the lodge and relax until lunch, where we all have the chance to discuss photographic techniques before the afternoon drive. Lunch is provided each day to give you the full experience of this special and carefully selected lodge that we are proud to bring our guests in Bandhavgarh.

The afternoon drive will take you into the depths of the forest with our best trackers and photographers in search to photograph yet more wildlife such as the majestic tiger along with all wildlife Bandhavgarh has to offer. Due to the dry time of year, we will have superb opportunities of tiger sightings as they are drawn to the water holes.

Each evening you will get the chance to fine dine with complimentary beverages of all kinds to make your Indian safari a memory of a lifetime. We will talk wildlife photography, share stories and experience our 5-star Michelin Chef's best Indian cuisine.

The last day will include one morning drive in the national park. After photographing the last of the wildlife with our expert guides and wildlife photographers, you will be taken back to the airport of you choice with your grand showcase of images of Bandhavgarh Bengal Tigers and wildlife.

Each year we run this exciting safari at the end of February and through to mid March. Contact us for Dates.

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