Belize and Guatemala Photography Adventure Dec 2021

Belize and Guatemala were at the center of the Ancient Maya Civilization and provide a wealth of archaeological sites to stimulate our photographic juices. The region is also a lush rainforest sitting atop a thick layer of limestone - the perfect scenario for creating outstanding caves, which the Maya used for ceremonies and sacrifices. That rainforest is absolutely full of exciting flora and fauna that NEED our photographic attention.

Our Belize and Guatemala Photography Adventure explores the past, the rainforest and Xibalba (the Mayan word for the underworld). We will photograph inside caves with multiple flash setups (you will get good at this and can use these skills in many situations). There will be plenty of opportunities to photograph cave openings with ambient light and to use single flashes as well.

We will work our photographic magic on the ancient Mayan cities such as Tikal, Carocol, Yaxhá, Cahal Pech and more! We will photograph birds, reptiles, monkeys, butterflies and leaf cutter ants in the unique rainforest of this special region!

Join us! Improve your skills with multiple flashes. Capture great landscape, wildlife and macro images – and be inspired by the ancient Maya!


$5,300 USD Double Occupancy, $6,800 USD Single Occupancy

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